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Birthday Parties

Rainbow Sprinkles
Jump, Flip, Roll, Bounce & more while having fun at
an RGA Birthday Party!!

Join the fun with your friends and families in our beautiful gymnastics facility and private party room!!!

1 ½ hours to have your guests enjoy gymnastics fun and refreshments!

Currently we are offering to host your child’s Birthday Party on the following days and times.

2:45 pm - 4:15 pm   OR   4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

2:45 pm - 4:15 pm   OR   4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

This will be on a first come/first reserved basis.​

We are pleased to host your upcoming gymnast’s birthday party. 

All children NOT currently enrolled in an RGA gymnastics class, must sign a

WAIVER to participate - NO exceptions.

To make sure your child’s day is special, and eliminate confusion, we want to
make sure everyone understands the procedures. 

Your guests should arrive about 10 minutes before the party begins.  


Gymnastics Time

We encourage girls to wear a leotard, or gym shorts and t-shirt.  

Boys - gym shorts and t-shirt.

NO zippers, buttons, snaps, etc. Jeans are too restrictive.  Long hair MUST be secured back.

Party Time

Everyone will proceed into the party room area for refreshments, which will last 15 minutes.  Refreshments should be for the party children ONLY - not other family members of your guest.
All gifts will be bagged ahead of time.


It is STRONGLY recommended that you ONLY serve water or juice drinks (juice boxes), cake/cupcakes and ice cream (Hoodsie Cups). One of our staff members will facilitate the party for you and your guest.  There isn’t enough time for other foods to be served.


RGA will supply tablecloth, colored plates, napkins, forks/spoons. We do not supply cups as juice boxes are highly recommended. You will need to supply refreshments, i.e. cake, ice cream, drinks, candles, etc.

NO Pizza, balloons or wall decorations are allowed. Any questions on what to provide - please call us.


Many people have asked and YES!, you are most welcome to tip the coaches. It is a nice way to let our coaches know they provided your children with a wonderful birthday!! Thank you!

Our liability insurance DOES NOT cover the cost of children UNDER 3 years of age OR parents to be on the gym floor and the apparatus. This party is for the children and our competent staff of coaches are here to make it a fun time. Due to the nature of our spring floors, all guest young and old MUST remove their shoes. Bare feet is the regular footwear.

Gymnastics/Ninja time is for 1.25 hours only!  If additional time is desired, there will be additional cost for the time, plus subject to availability as well.


All guests MUST stay in the Party Room area and depart together. Children CANNOT return to the gym area.


Regular Gymnastics Party for

children including birthday child is 

$375.00 for 12 children and $15.00 each additional child. NO children UNDER 3 years of age please.

Ninja Party for 10 children including birthday child is $400.00

Each additional child is $17.00. NO children UNDER 3 years of age please.

One week before the scheduled party we will need a confirmation of the final head count. Balance in FULL is due at this time.  If some of your guests do not attend you will still be charged for the original final count given as we staff based on your numbers.


All guests will need a signed waiver to participate.

Please CLICK HERE to Print out a Birthday Party Request Form.

(Please keep in mind this is only an INQUIRY to see if the date you’re requesting is available.)

Please CLICK HERE to print out and use the participation release form.

Rainbow Sprinkles
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