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ages 6 - 18

Get in Shape,
Stay in Shape with
Coach Annemarie's
Weekly Open Workouts!

Every Saturday

12:30 pm - 2:30 pm

(September - June)

Annemarie and her staff will be
holding 2 Hour Open Workouts

for Cheerleaders. 

Gym Coach

The first portion of the workout will be focused on stretching, strength & conditioning.
The second half will be working on standing & running tumbling skills.

We are not teaching you to cheer, we are teaching the gymnastics part of cheerleading,
a very important component. You can come for one week or 40 weeks, you decide when you want to attend a workout. The only requirements are that you are pre-registered at
Reading Gymnastics Academy, Inc., where workouts are being held, and have paid your $54.00 annual liability insurance fee**.


When you attend a workout you will pay $40.00 whether you stay for a minute or
the 2 hours. Just show up, drop in - no notice is required, and enjoy the workout.
You will be able to perform better as a cheerleader - if you take the time to get in shape, stay in shape and work on your skills.


**Already enrolled gymnast do not need to pay this fee again this year.

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