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About Us

Our Facility


Our our state of the art facility includes
a full size Olympic floor, second spring floor, full sets of 
Women's Olympic gymnastics equipment including; Vault; Bars; Beam; and Floor. Plus, tumble trak and trampolines.  Foam pit, multiple high and low beams, dance room and much more.

We also have a full set of

Men's Olympic equipment including:

Floor; Pommel Horses; Rings; Vault; Parallel Bars; and multiple High Bars.

Our Ninja Room has a  large rock wall, climbing apparatus,warp wall, special equipment to challenge Ninjas young and old.

For Parents:  You are welcome to view your children in the front lobby or wait on benches in the cubby area.  We are working on getting TV Viewing of events they are participating on.  We no longer have an upstairs viewing area as that is now set up for class rotations.  As always FREE WI-FI !

Please CLICK on the images above for a bigger and better view!

Our Staff

All of RGA's staff members are fully qualified, either: USA Gymnastics Safety Certified or

PDP1 Certified coaches/instructors.


Our staff goes through background checking, safety certification and/or Kat & MELD training, USAG 101 courses and plenty of in house training on drills and skills.

Current Staff includes:


Team Director & Head Coach: 

Michael Hahn

Team Coaches: 

Mike Hahn, Christine Surette, Sarah Peabody, Earl McAlister,  Jimmy Kenney, 

Jennifer Kramers, Annemarie McNeil, Anne Micciche, Alex Stevens, Joey Castilli,

Brianna McNeil, Beth Taddia, Meredith Shairs, Kirsten MacLellan, Kerry Day, Sarah Muolo, Zach Stein, Tomy Navaro, Marlena Bresnick, Kelly Bryson & Ashley Dixon.

In addition to Team coaching, many of these coaches participate in teaching our younger gymnast along with Laurie Starr, Jodie Berry, Pam Almedia,  along with many of our Team members who have gone through extensive training to teach the sport they love.

Also there will be many of our other professional staff members that coach during the year as well as our returning collegians.



Equipment & Facility

RGA has all State of the Art Equipment for all ages in our 20,800 square foot facility. 
Along with a tremendous viewing area filled with toys for silblings waiting, as well as
baby sitting room for PlayGym parents, a large dance room and closed circuit TV.
  • 3 sets of Uneven bars
  • 3 sets of single bars (one for pit entry)
  • 3 sets of rings
  • 7 High balance beams and many low practice beams
  • 36' tumble trak for pit entry
  • 2 Elite spring reflex floors  42 x 42 and 30 x 42.
  • 3 sets of parallel bars
  • 2 pommel horses & 2 mushrooms
  • 2 sets of high bars
  • 1 single high training bar
  • 2 vaulting tables 1 dismounting into the foam pit.
  • Very large trampoline based foam pit with multiple entry areas (floor, vault, bars, etc)  mats, mats, mats and more mats to provide for a safe and effective state of the art learning environment.
  • Dance Room & new Ninja GymKids Room.
  • Fully equipped downsized apparatus for our little ones, slides, climbing devices, rings, for crawling, climbing, running, hoping and skipping, etc.
  • All floor areas are foamed and carpeted
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