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ages 1 - 3

PlayGym is a wonderful, warm experience for Mom, Dad, Grandparents or Guardian with their 1-3 year old to enjoy a real learning experience that will give the child self confidence, coordination and further develop the motor skills.

Each week your child and you will explore activities to encourage physical and mental development geared to his or her age, ability and attention span.


PlayGym is a very popular program. Children are thoroughly delighted to come into the gym. They learn and play on special down sized equipment, explore tunnels, climb ladders, run through the parachute waves and roll down the hills- always with great encouragement to develop self confidence while working on motor skills.



Each week is a new adventure.
There are two levels available, Toddler (1-2) and Mini (2-3), which lead through

a progression to our Jr. Gymnast program, possibly all the way to team someday.

PlayGym is offered 7 mornings a week throughout the school year.  Summer PlayGym is only offered 1 day per week.

Siblings of enrolled PlayGym members will not be able to participate in the class.  We no longer offer sitters so outside arrangements would need to be made.  




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