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RGA Team Programs

RGA offers girls  & boys competitive teams. Team members compete at different local,

State, Regional and sometimes National levels.  There is no FUND raising required of parents, but they are expected to assist with any in-house or invitational meets hosted by RGA.


USA Gymnastics
Levels Program


Team participants are selected by the coaches through the RGA program. Our teams are all qualified to compete in USA Gymnastics Levels Program.  Girls compete Levels 2 thru10.  Boys Levels 4-8.


 For those gymnasts who enjoy the thrill of competing without the intensity of USA

Gymnastics  training, we offer our USA Gymnastics Levels 2-3 Team Program. 

This is a basis to prepare them for future higher levels of competition where training and competitions become more regimented. (Levels 4 - 10)

This gives gymnasts a chance to find out whether they enjoy competing and the work necessary to become a competitive gymnast.

Either program is a great way to experience gymnastics at the competitive level.


RGA is proud to have some of their former team members receive major college scholarships. Plus, many of our Team members hold Championship titles at the State, Regional & National Level. In 1998 our gymnast Cathy Thompson became a College All-American.

USA Gymnastics XCel Program


We also offer competition opourtunities for many gymnast in our XCel Program.


This program is not as regimented as the USA Gymnastics Levels Program. While the Levels program focuses more on compulsory and optional routines, (Compulsory levels 2 thru 5 - and optional levels 6 thru 10) the XCel program allows for a little more creativity and less restrictive rules in regards to competitions - while still remaining rigorous and fun.

XCel level teams consist of Bronze (beginner) to Silver to Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

Many times Level gymnast join the Xcel program when they are interested in performing other sports/activities, mostly in high school. Throughout many past seasons RGA is proud to display the many winning individual and team banners mostly for 1st Place. 

Boys Team Program

The Boys Competitive Gymnastics program at Reading Gymnastics Academy offer boys the opportunity, to discover what the world of competitive gymnastics is all about.  We provide boys with the opportunity to develop and grow at their own pace. They get to experience

the challenges and rewards of and being part of a team, along with learning about themselves, being responsible for their own actions, and being accountable to themselves, their teammates, and coaches.

New members are invited to be part of the team program based upon their development within the class program. From this point, the boys participate in the progressive and developmental USA Gymnastic Program, which focuses on Strength, Flexibility, and the Physical & Mental Preparedness of the gymnast.


The program is set up to accommodate boys between the ages of 5 years of age – High School.

Jets Program

(Developmental Team – Ages 5 - 8)

Parents of prospective team boys are  contacted to discuss the possibility of their son being part of the team. Boys are introduced to advance skill building, strength building, flexibility, and the protocols of competitive gymnastics. Towards the later part of that year, the boys are introduced to competition by participating in 1 or 2 fun competitions.

The Competitive
Level Program

(Level 4 ===> 10)

This is beginning of formal, and structured compulsory and optional competition.

Levels 4 thru 7 are the Compulsory Routine levels where aspiring gymnasts develop

and polish their basic gymnastic skills, within which they are striving to qualify into

State and Regional Championship competition
Boys typically practice 2 – 3 days per week for 2 – 3 hours  each practice session, dependent on their age, competitive level, and maturity. The team members compete under the guidelines of the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Program.

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